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Who is Blue?


Making heads turn at your favorite restaurant, lounging in the warmth of a tropical paradise, locked in a passionate embrace – no matter what you have in mind for our time together, it is guaranteed to be a thrilling adventure that leaves us both hungering for more!

Often described as effervescent, intuitive, and hedonistic, I am an epicure of experience and pleasure in all of its forms; you can just as easily find me sipping a bourbon in the back of jazz filled speakeasy as you can sipping a latte at a local cafe or sprawled out working on a painting in my living room. I have a deep love of the arts, and create as much as possible, filling my few idle hours with color and beauty. At heart, I am a thrill-seeker and adventurer, coming alive most when I am jet-setting to some exotic destination or connecting with the splendor of nature. My interests are as myriad and eclectic as I am, but I am most excited to learn about and indulge in yours!

Originally from the gorgeous vistas of the Midwest, I currently reside in New York City, which I love turning into my personal playground as often as possible: things like drinks in the back of my favorite bar, visiting a local gallery, or hosting some kinky playtime in a nearby dungeon all excite me, and are most fun when shared with a like-minded companion with whom I can craft dreamy, lasting memories. As a dual master degree experienced therapist, my listening and communication skills are superb, and I delight in providing you with an outlet, sharing in deep conversations and getting to know you on a personal level. I crave the spark that ignites when two souls connect through open dialogue, free of judgment and restraint. 

I have always been an extravagant person and firmly believe in satisfying your inner desires whenever possible. For me, the pursuit of pleasure is a constant need; I long for the stimulation and alchemy of going on an adventure for the first time with you, or introducing you to a new experience and seeing how you respond. I am always ready to explore a new place or passion with an open mind and good company: whether you are seeking a fiery femme fatale, the girl next door, or your very own manic pixie dream girl, I promise that our rendezvous will be as unique as we are.

Now that you know more about me, I want to know more about you: what are your secret yearnings? What secret desires lay hidden, waiting to be enticed? Allow me to take you on a decadent journey that can only end in ecstasy for us both.

My Favorite things

Imbibe: Smoky dark liquors. Botanical gins. Indulgent red wines. Occasionally a bubbly white

Sustenance: Adventurous eater that relishes in every cuisine. Well spiced. Particularly adores Mediterranean, Southeast Asian, and fresh seafood and vegetable based dishes

When going out: Avant-garde performances, gallery openings, sexy speakeasies, burlesque

When staying in: Room service, bubble bath, massages, cuddles